Pixel Revolution Films was set up by award winning film-makers and digital artists, Ian and Dominic Higgins with the aim of creating fresh and innovative projects.​

By embracing new technologies and keeping open minds, we find ourselves in uncharted territories, where the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of film are being pushed back further and further.  

But it’s not just about utilizing cutting edge filmmaking techniques; we believe that sometimes, the old techniques are still the best. It’s about how to best serve the story we are telling, to this end, passion, dedication and innovation remain our greatest assets.  

​​​We’re a product of the digital revolution, but at heart, we’re old fashioned storytellers, with an emphasis on story. We put so much effort and pride in our visuals because we truly believe that one picture is worth a thousand words.

With a background in advertising and design also, we understand that the message behind the image is always paramount.

To get a good look at the behind the scenes of our work and some insights into our techniques, check out our  blog.


at Pixel Revolution Films, we aim to be at the forefront of the radical revolution that's happening right now in the world of film. ​