Ian & Dominic originally studied art, photography and 3D design at Bournville Art College and only gained their first experience working within a film crew after a job interview at a local pub led to a chance meeting with a BBC set designer who took an interest in their budding script writing and film-making aspirations.

In 2003 they formed
Pixel Revolution Films and made their first production The Wolf Who Came in from the Cold, a short film, which mixed live action with CG animation. It went on to win “Best Animation” at one of Hollywood’s first all-digital film festivals, The International Digital Video Festival, and at Birmingham’s TIC Film Festival in 2004 where it also picked up the “Audience Choice Award For Best Animation”.

The Coup De Grace and The Unquiet Room followed, both films made official selections in various film festivals.

"The depiction of the miracle of the sun should remain in the annals of cinema,  as the beauty of the images strive for the  perfection of the art.”

Bruno Seguins-   liberté politique
"The 13th Day is the best film ever made about Fatima .   A fact-based film     that succeeds in being both artful and reverent is  a rare thing. The         13th Day succeeds.”

Steve Greydanus -  Decent Films

The Coup De Grace shot on MinDV




the 13th day


"screens and Canvas highly recommend the film . Ian and Dominic Higgins have     made a film of great beauty.”

screens and Canvas

In 2009 they directed, wrote and edited their first feature film, The 13th Day which was critically well received and garnered several awards.

They continue to push the boundaries of developing technology and embrace the ever evolving digital medium in their pursuit of new exciting stories to tell.