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We all have heroes we look up to, that inspire us. Every field of sport, science and the arts has its venerated heroes.

But how many people know the stories of struggle and almost impossible obstacles many of these celebrated heroes had to overcome to achieve their celebrated successes?  How many of us know that once even Albert Einstein was labelled a failure?

Working with Positive Edge Education Ltd and producer Nigel Martin Davey, we have produced a series of short dramas with the aim of inspiring all students to achieve success even when faced with great obstacles, illustrating the scientifically proven techniques and methods of Growth Mindset, a revolutionary approach to learning that encourages effort over results.

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"Once in an academic lifetime a project will capture your imagination because it's designed to transform the educational paradigm ... a quantum leap forward"
Professor . Patty O’Grady

​​Series 1 tells the personal struggles of a young Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Olympic legend, Wilma Rudolph and each drama has an accompanying “explainer video” where each of the main characters presents the science behind growth mindset.  The videos form part of a study program developed by Positive Edge Education. We’re very excited by the responses the program has generated so far!