The FX work usually includes blending various elements such as animated CG (computer generated) models and photographic material in a shot to create an illusion of reality.

 One area of FX work that we specialize in is “Chroma key” where actors or objects are filmed against a green or blue backdrop and then superimposed into another shot. These “digital set-pieces” can be anything from a live action shot of a location, CG rendered background, or, as is often the case, a combination of both.

The colour work or “grading” of footage is another area we specialize in. This is, in fact, one of the most important aspects of the post-production – this is the part where our productions get their unique look.

One such unique look is what we would describe as a hybrid live-action and animation, it’s a very versatile look that allows us to choose how stylistic we want to go with a project.

​​​​​how a pixel revolution film is made



BECAUSE visuals are just one side of the story


This is where the story really comes alive. The first part of the process involves us creating an offline edit – an edit that’s not been colour graded and missing the special effects (FX) shots. Once we are happy with the edit, the colouring and FX work begins.


We pride ourselves on our ability to remain at the cutting edge of digital film production. We like to think of ourselves as pioneers, to this end we use the very latest technology in all our productions. And of course, film and video production is a team effort which is why we surround ourselves with passionate and hardworking people.


​​It all starts with a brainstorming session. For us this is very much a creative discussion with our partners or clients without restraints such as budget- it’s all about getting as many ideas flowing as possible at this stage.

The next stage in the creative process is to produce the concept art and the storyboards, this is where we start to design the look and feel of the project.

Sound enables us to do so much more with the story. Great sound not only enhances the visual aspect, it tells a more complete story.

Music creates emotion and feeling, in fact the whole editing process is like a visual piece of music – it has to flow. This is why we spend a lot of time working with musicians and selecting the right music for our productions.