It is 1941. Britain is experiencing some of the darkest days of its history as the nation is plunged into a crisis of faith and a desperate search for meaning amidst the horrors of World War Two.

In an attempt to bring a sense of hope to the nation, the BBC's recently created Home Service, asks author and poet C.S. Lewis to give a series of radio addresses on Christianity.

However, Lewis has a love-hate relationship with the "new" medium of broadcasting and is not initially keen on the idea.


As he considers long and hard as to whether to accept or decline the opportunity to speak to the nation, his mind wanders back to a time when he was a very different person... to a young boy known to his friends and family as Jack.

Jack is a nature loving boy weaned on fairy tales and legends with a gifted imagination, whose idyllic childhood is shattered when his mother dies. Filled with anger against an unjust God, he abandons his faith.

On his nineteenth birthday, Jack, now an aspiring poet, finds himself at the front line in the Somme Valley in France, as a second lieutenant in the British Army fighting in the “Great War”.  Here he witnesses mechanized butchery on an unprecedented scale and the total destruction of nature, a hell on earth.

Jack is able to find a kind of refuge from the horrors of war by losing himself in his beloved books and stories, and amongst the desolation, something awakens inside him.

But he finds himself now locked in a new struggle, as intellect clashes with intuition. His mind becomes increasingly haunted by fleeting glimpses of another world, another reality that leaves him strangely homesick. 

Seriously wounded by a shell, that also claims the life of his closest friend, Jack is sent home. He is soon offered a position teaching in Oxford which leads to a fateful meeting with another aspiring author, J.R.R. Tolkien.

Jack’s continual search for meaning will take him to a place that exists beyond rational thought, to a place of myths and magic, where he will encounter the one “true myth” … and the answer to his lifelong question, what is the meaning to the universe?

This film will tell the little-known story of the young C.S Lewis’s life and the experiences that shaped the man who would go on to become not only one of the greatest authors of the 20th Century, but also one of the most powerful and influential voices of Christianity.