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“Once in an academic lifetime a project will capture your imagination because it's designed to transform the educational paradigm ... A quantum leap forward”


—   Professor. Patty O’Grady

Charles Darwin


Directors Ian & Dominic Higgins  
Producer Nigel Martin Davey

Working with Positive Edge Education Ltd and producer Nigel Martin Davey, we have produced a series of short dramas with the aim of inspiring all students to achieve success even when faced with great obstacles, illustrating the scientifically proven techniques and methods of Growth Mindset, a revolutionary approach to learning that encourages effort over results.


In EVOLUTION, young Charles Darwin sets out to prove wrong his father’s opinion that he is an embarrassment to his family name and an utter failure. Embarking on a voyage to the other side of the world, his life will change forever, and he will return as one of the most important scientific men of his age – with a theory that rocks the world he left behind to its very foundations.

Charles Darwin film
Producer Nigel Martin Davey
Young Charles Darwin
Young Charles Darwin
Prosthetic makeup
Ape man
Darwin makeup

For each of the three characters chosen as subjects for these educational and inspiring films, we decided to produce a short drama to illustrate how the celebrated individual used growth mindset principles to achieve success against the odds, and an accompanying “explainer” video to highlight the scientific facts behind growth mindset.

We're very proud to have been a part of such a revolutionary approach to education and learning! You can take a more in-depth look behind the scenes on our blog. To find out more about growth mindset please visit Positive Edge's website.

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