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Format: Feature Film

War / Biography / Drama


Based on an incredible true story, 'Rags' tells the tale of a scruffy street dog, who forges an unlikely bond with sergeant James Donovan of the American 1st Infantry Division in Paris during the final brutal months of WW1. As they navigate the perils of war, Rags becomes the division's mascot, showcasing exceptional skills and unwavering loyalty.


But when a devastating German attack leaves Rags and Donovan both terribly wounded, the inseparable pair suddenly face the prospect of being separated forever, leading Rags to embark on an emotional journey. A journey that will capture the hearts of a nation and cement his reputation as a war hero.

From the team behind 'The Shamrock Spitfire - The Story of Spitfire Paddy,' winner of 58 awards and a number one best-selling War movie on Amazon, 'Rags' delves deep into the enduring and fascinating bond between humans and animals amidst the harrowing backdrop of conflict and will offer a very unique perspective.


Taking inspiration from Steven Spielberg's 'War Horse' (2011), 'Rags' delves deep into the enduring bond between humans and animals amidst the harrowing backdrop of conflict.


However, 'Rags' offers a distinct perspective, portraying the extraordinary bravery and loyalty of a canine protagonist amidst the tumult of the "war to end all wars." Through this lens, we aim to deliver a captivating and authentic portrayal of the profound experiences shared by soldiers and their faithful companions on the battlefield.

One of the criticisms with “War Horse”, was the fact the horse wasn’t able to show much emotion – which in turn, makes it harder for the audience to connect on an emotional level. However, as anyone who has ever had a dog will testify, a dog’s face is capable of expressing emotion such as sadness, fear and even joy.


Also, unlike “War Horse”, our film is based on a true story and our animal hero chooses to endure the horrors of the battlefield where his actions save the lives of countless fighting men.


By employing our meticulous colour grading process, our film will boast a visually stunning and distinctive aesthetic.




In 2003 Ian & Dominic set up their own production company, Pixel Revolution Films. The company’s first film, an experimental animated short, THE WOLF WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, picked up several “Best Animation” awards at various film festivals. The success led to their first commissioned feature film project, THE 13th DAY.

In 2011 they teamed up with producer Nigel Martin Davey to work on the ambitious feature film, ALL THAT REMAINS. Their next collaboration resulted in 7 DAYS: THE STORY OF BLIND DAVE HEELEY, which went on to win multiple awards and garner critical praise.


In 2019, while in Lockdown, the brothers produced the animated short, OF WOLVES AND MEN. The film scooped up multiple awards and nominations at various film festivals and has hit almost 300K views on YouTube.


They have recently completed work on THE SHAMROCK SPITFIRE (2024).The film has so far garnered over 50 awards across the globe including, “Best Biographical Film” at the prestigious Cannes World Film Festival.

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Born in Birmingham both of his parents are from Southern Ireland. After initially training as an actor he went on to appear in numerous television dramas, he started producing his first projects in 2004, his early work included EXPRESSO, OWN WORST EMEMY, THE MAROON JUMPER.

In 2011 Nigel teamed up with directors Ian and Dominic Higgins at Pixel Revolution Films and they have made many successful films together specializing in true life dramas, ALL THAT REMAINS, 7 DAYS - STORY OF BLIND DAVE HEELEY, OF WOLVES AND MEN.


His most recent project THE SHAMROCK SPITFIRE (2024) has picked over up 50 awards including “Best Biographical Film” at the prestigious Cannes World Film Festival.










John has been a businessman and enthusiastic entrepreneur from North Worcestershire UK who formed and ran a national IT consultancy, following twenty successful years in the world of show business, TV and theatre, with an extensive knowledge of marketing and film production.


He also worked for ten years as part of Birmingham's own The Rockin' Berries Group.

The Pixel Revolution / Red Storm team which he is now proud to be part of, has a history of making films about real people and events, which he wholeheartedly supports. Especially stories such as this one which takes place in and around WWII and in particular The Battle of Britain and the tremendous acts of bravery and unselfishness carried out by ordinary people, some of which are still alive today.


The teams recent feature film, SHAMROCK SPITFIRE (2024), has earned critical praise and so far scooped up over 50 awards at various film festivals.


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