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“There’s not a dull moment in this life and joy-filled documentary.  Innovative without being novel or gimmicky.  The soundtrack is as mottled as the bordering-on-dreamy palette of colors the film is shot in. Perhaps Ian and Dominic Higgins are onto something new- transcendent filmmaking.”


—   Sr Helena Burns, FSP, Film Reviewer, CNW

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Directors Ian & Dominic Higgins  
Producer Joel Fletcher

FINDING FATIMA presents the facts behind the greatest miracle of the 20th Century and why the message of Fatima maybe the most important message for our times.


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As always, many of the scenes especially those containing FX shots were storyboarded before filming. Not only does this allow us to design sequences ahead of time, it allows us time on the day of shooting to experiment with more angles. This leads to much more creativity on set.

Once again FINDING FATIMA relied heavily on CG and green screen techniques.

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