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In the UK the number of dogs living in households as pets and companions is currently estimated at 8.5 million. 


In Australia, dogs are the most common pet, with 39% of households owning a dog. There are estimated to be 4.2 million pet dogs in Australia

For the US that number is estimated to be 70-80 million dogs.

China has a newfound but rapidly growing passion for pets, particularly among the under 45’s, with the pet care sector forecast to grow to 15.8 billion yuan ($2.6 billion) by 2019. The most popular pets are dogs. 


Read Time's article on the rise of dogs as pets in China 


Animal stories are currently resonating with audiences in China. According to Chinese Media outlet Caixin,


“China has begun to appreciate this genre on a mass scale over the past 20 to 30 years, with the rise of the middle class and a growing population of pet owners.”


The article which discusses the popularity of the recent movie, A DOG’S PURPOSE goes on to say, 


“Chinese filmgoers have lapped up A Dog’s Purpose, the soulful film about a dog and its relationship with owners throughout various reincarnations. The sleeper film has appealed to the Chinese crowd on all levels, critics say.”


You can read the full article here.



We also believe there is a strong educational need for our film, particularly in Asia where local animal charities and governments are still working to change old attitudes and educate people on animal welfare.


There is a huge market both male and female, for movies with canine characters. This has been proven with several successful films over the last few years.


MARLEY & ME (2008) grossed $247.8 million worldwide. RED DOG (2011), is currently ranked eighth in the list of highest grossing Australian movies. It made an impressive A$21m at the Australian box office and went on to become the best-selling domestic DVD of all time. Its success ensured a sequel, RED DOG: TRUE BLUE (2016). 


More recently A DOG'S PURPOSE (2017) based on the New York Times bestseller,  has so far made $192.3 million at the Box Office. 

MARLEY & ME (2008)

247.8 million USD


196.2 million USD

HACHI (2009)

​46.7  million USD

RED DOG (2011)

 21 million AUD

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