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As filmmakers we are always looking for ways to merge the craft of traditional cinematography and digital animation to create something that is truly unique and with this film we will look to once again push the envelope of digital film-making.


​BOOK OF MAX could be best described as “magical realism”.  ​

When designing our visual style we will experiment with, among other things, the use of colours to create a heightened sense of wonder and beauty in the world, to create a sense of magic.​


Opposite: In this concept art, a stylistically large moon hovers above the Sydney Harbour Bridge helping to evoke a strange and other-worldly feel to an instantly recognizable landmark.

The film will also depict the world as imagined from a dog’s point of view, based on the latest scientific findings (did you know that dogs don't see only in shades of grey?) 

  Above: “Paleowolf” about to make first contact with a human.

Hit the images below to find out more about each of the "worlds" in Book of Max.


​​Note: We're still at the ideas stage of this project so these are concepts that we are currently exploring and are open to change and development. 



pre-visualising the world of Max

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