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Briefly, the concept of Magic Realism has to do with the concept of "heightened reality" or the addition of another dimension of reality through a symbolic or metaphoric structure. It gives us a new way of preceiving the world, as if through a child looking at the world for the first time. The term is a derivation of "lo real maravilloso" which means literally, "The Marvelous Reality."


 - Bruce Taylor


Exploring the idea of using the film’s aspect ratio (the black bars) to create the impression of entering a new world.


As Ying Ying first enters the world of Max, the bars pull apart and become smaller to create a more immersive experience for the audience and also symbolize a change in perception, a sense of freedom – an expansion of her horizons.

"Through my dog I have undergone an amazing transformation. I now find myself opening new windows that reveal life and all its beautiful mysteries".


Starting With Max by Ying Ying

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