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Ian & Dominic Higgins


Ian & Dominic originally studied art, photography and 3D design at Bournville Art College and only gained their first experience working within a film crew after a job interview at a local pub led to a chance meeting with a BBC set designer who took an interest in their budding script writing and film-making aspirations.

In 2003 they formed Pixel Revolution Films with the aim of making movies that can make a difference.


Their directing credits include, All That Remains and 7 Days - The Story of Blind Dave Heeley.


Alongside their passion for making movies, they have a lifelong love of animals.

Nigel Martin Davey


Nigel is a West Midlands based film and stage producer whose past projects have attracted many well-known and respected actors from the UK.

He finds himself drawn to projects that deal with humanitarian issues.


His film producing credits include All That Remains, Own Worst Enemy and 

7 Days - The Story of Blind Dave Heeley.

His recent stage show, Survive! garnered the support of Dame Judi Dench, Sir Roger Moore and Johnny Depp.

Richard Ng 


Richard Ng has twice been nominated for the Best Actor Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards, for his roles in Winners and Sinners and Beyond the Sunset. He has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hong Kong cinema including Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Andy Lau and Jet Li.


Richard is also a successful film producer with such films as The Yellow Panther, Murder Most Foul and Winner Takes All.

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