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Script development and pre-production. The most important stage of any film is the time spent for preparation and concept development. Our film will be very visual, so along with scripting duties, we will also be spending a lot of time designing the look of the film, producing storyboards and concept art.


Cast and crew. The more money we raise to pay for cast, the more choice we have when it comes to casting. The more known an actor is, the more we’ll need to pay. We also need to be able to pay our very hard working and talented crew!


Locations. Great locations are vital to any film. As our story takes place in Australia and Hong Kong, we’ll need to cover travel and accommodation.


Music license and commissioning original score. Music plays such an integral part of our films. As well as setting the mood and creating emotional impact, we use music as a storytelling device too, for example, using the lyrics of a song to reveal the true and unspoken feelings of a character. We want to work with talented musicians and create a score that will be truly iconic. Think of the movie BORN FREE and you hear the theme song in your head. That’s what we want.

Below is a breakdown of the production costs:

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